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This month was a great chance for me to raise awareness of cervical cancer and HPV vaccination. I am aware that medical advancements have made it possible to successfully treat the vast majority of cancers; yet, what the patient needed was the ability to remain as unaffected as possible in the face of the approaching suffering and to heroically fight it. My previous work with patients in this situation showed me that maintaining a positive outlook can assist to lessen the severity of the trauma and contribute to the fight against cancer.

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. I felt it was an excellent opportunity to spread the word about cervical cancer and HPV vaccination.


Infections with the human papillomavirus (HPV) are one of the most common sexually transmitted infections that can lead to invasive cervical cancer. HPV vaccines provide protection against such infections. It is best for young girls and boys to get the vaccine before having sexual contact and being exposed to HPV.


Dr PV Naidu, former superintendent of the MNJ Cancer Institute and my teacher, had come to my office this month to congratulate me! This gesture has truly honoured and humbled me, and I’m sure it will be remembered forever.


Featured by Three best rated

I’m overjoyed to have been named the top oncologist in Hyderabad by Three Best Rated. I hope that this excellence will help me build a better portfolio in my career so that I can continue to provide top-notch services in the field of oncology.

Best Oncologist in Hyderabad | Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy

Sources for Awareness

Along with the new year, I have looked forward to moving things a little deeper and thought of giving awareness regarding the recommended treatments for eye cancer and the chances of recovery with lung cancer treatment. Also shared suitable information on how the doctors treat cancer in multiple ways and cleared the queries regarding the decision of choosing a specialist for cancer treatment along with the information on the initial treatment for stage – 1 cancer.

Advancements In Radiotherapy

I was overjoyed to share the good news that there have been several new developments in radiation therapy techniques. It’s great news for cancer patients because it’s less toxic now. The Hyderabad Times covered me and helped me spread the word through their sources.

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