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“Pedal To Battle” Cyclothon On World Cancer Day Feb 4th, 2023

Prevention and detection of breast cancer – Let’s starts now! October 29th, 2022

Cancer crusaders golf championship 2022

Dr Vijay Anand Reddy Article - RED MAGAZINE 10th ANNUAL ISSUE

The Racers of the Cancer Awareness Super Car Rally — World Cancer Survivor’s Day 2021

Cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup 2020

ANAIKA – The Health Awareness Fashion Show On International Women’s Day March 8th, 2019

Cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup 2018

I AM A SURVIVOR – Book Launch

Apollo cancer conclave & cancer ci – 2017

Cancer Survivors Day 2016

Cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup 2016

World Cancer Day – Flash Mob 2016

LVPEI – World RB Awareness Week 2015

CFS – World RB Awareness Week And Smoke & Win May 2015

Children’s Day 2015

Peace Camp To Create Aware Of Hazards Of Tobacco Chewing February 2014

RB Awareness Week – LVPEI

Sunrisers – Juvenile Ca. Patients’ Cricket Match’

Breast Cancer Awareness 21-10-2014

Andhra Pradesh Gutka Ban 2013

Cancer Aware Fashion Show 2013

CANCER CI – 2013

World No Tobacco Day 2013