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Shailaja, as a young girl would smoke 20 cigarettes in a day with her friends in secret. As a youngster in her early 20s she saw her mother and father succumb to cancer. Many years later it was her turn, surrounded by us doctors, we did tell her that she had a lump in her lung. At this time she regretted smoking. She was diagnosed with cancer and she decided to beat cancer with a natural approach. She starved and eliminated her cancer cells naturally. It is possible for the body to clear cancer-even if it is incredibly rare. She says deliberately infecting the cancer cells with bacteria, or treating them with toxins harvested from microbes, destroyed otherwise inoperable tumors.

In a few circumstances, even if cancer has spread to the other parts of the body it can be stopped. We as Doctors can treat it to slow its growth and reduce the symptoms. It is possible and the patient can live for months and years even after the cancer has spread. We Oncologists and health providers assess and directly target and help survivors to reduce the cancer symptoms and their impact, even after the treatment my advice to these cancer patients is to be vigilant for any change in pain or for any sign of recurrence and a follow-up visit is a must to look for new tumors and for better outcomes. 


It is hard to believe some cancers disappear miraculously. A bacterial vaccine is successful in reducing tumors in many of the cancer patients. Usually after an infection tumors disappear spontaneously in the absence of any targeted treatment. One reason can be that the body triggers an immune response against specific antigens displayed on the surface of the tumors.

In another case a patient with kidney cancer had a part of his tumor surgically removed this resulted in the spontaneous regression of the rest of his tumor. This showed that a local immune response following surgery was enough to stop the growth of the rest of the tumor. It is possible that genetic mutations are also responsible for spontaneous regression.

Sometimes in children diagnosed with cancer who are under 18 months, the cancer can disappear with or without any treatment.


Surviving cancer means—

  1. You’re still alive,
  2. You’re going through the steps from diagnosis to treatment,
  3. You have multiple options with the expectations of positive results’
  4. You’re striving to cure,
  5. You aren’t expected to die.
  6. You’re quality of life outside the medical conditions.
  7. Even if you are told this diagnosis has no cure, don’t give up hope or the will to fight and live a meaningful life. 
  8. Keep saying the mantra—I will live.

Learn to lead a healthy life, be with your family and friends spend quality life with them. The will to live and fight even after being diagnosed is needed and helpful to survive from cancer.

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