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Apollo Cancer Centre launches “ArtCan” to bring awareness about Breast Cancer

For the first time in the country, artists and survivors join hands to win over cancer


In keeping with our vision of being at the forefront of cancer research, we have launched the ‘ArtCan’ breast cancer awareness campaign.

Hyderabad, October 31, 2022: The Apollo Cancer Centres (ACC), ranked among the world’s best cancer hospitals, launches – ArtCan, the Self-Breast Examination Steps via Kerala Mural Art. A unique initiative by Apollo Cancer Centres, (ArtCan) uses art as a medium to spread cancer awareness. Apollo Cancer Centres joined hands with mural artists and survivors to curate art that educates and empowers every woman about the importance of regular self-breast examination.

Through Kerala Mural Art, 8 steps bring attention to the issue of breast cancer. Each frame reflects the story of a woman who discovered this condition while performing a self-breast examination, acted on time and defeated cancer. These eight steps have also been depicted in a book format called ‘Chitra Sutra’. It’s a popular belief that life imitates art and hence, art has the power to transcend languages and cultural barriers. Our initiative, ArtCan, will create a silent conversation and leave a deep impression on the audience. Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer globally and accounts for 25% of all cancer cases in women. So, early detection is the key to better outcomes. We believe Kerala mural art is a unique medium to create awareness about breast cancer and the importance of self-breast examination (SBE)”

The Mural Arts were unveiled today at Apollo Cancer Centres, Jubilee Hills. This unique initiative was inaugurated by eminent painter Padmashree Kalal Laxma Goud in presence of Dr Sangita Reddy-Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, breast cancer experts from ACC, Hyderabad, breast cancer winner and MeMeraki (artist).