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On Cancer Day, I dispelled cancer treatment misconceptions and raised awareness by bringing people and pedalling. On World Donor Day, I advised giving hair, blood platelets, and organs to cancer survivors. We aided over 1100 children and decided to help more on this International Children’s cancer day through CURE foundation India which I formed earlier.

This month, I described radiation therapy, how they would feel after each session, what to do, and addressed appetite in treatment because patients value eating. During Apollo Cancer Centres’ World Cancer Day 2023, actress Sreeleela commends the cyclathon event. This month’s Neo Science Hub article enables our research and shares the finest evidence with cancer sceptics.


World cancer day

On this Cancer Day, I decided to dispel myths about cancer treatment and raise awareness by stating the facts and conducting programmes by bringing people and pedalling with me.

National donor day

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only reason to celebrate February 14th. It is also World Donor Day, so I suggested that people show their support by donating hair to cancer survivors, blood platelets for their treatment, and organs if possible to save their lives.

International childhood cancer day

To commemorate these special days for children, I formed CURE Foundation India, a passionate initiative to raise awareness about cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and rehabilitation with the goal of assisting underprivileged children. We have already helped over 1100 children and would like to help many more.


Knowledge sharing

I have provided appropriate knowledge for patients who are unsure about the radiation treatment and how they will feel after each session or what they should do after a session. I have clarified how many sessions are required for early cancer. As food and diet plays a major role for the patient, I have also shared appetite solutions while undergoing treatment.

Cyclathon – pedal to battle

Tollywood actress Sreeleela honours cyclothon participants at the World Cancer Day 2023 event held at Apollo Cancer Centres. It’s a call for all of us to unite in our fight against cancer and take matters into our own hands.


You can read this month’s Neo Science Hub paper, which has given us a chance to look into and share the best information with people who are still not sure if cancer can be prevented. Prevention is always better than cure. Some cancers can be prevented by living a healthy life and taking the right precautions. And with the latest treatments, I can say that cancer can be prevented.

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