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God has made healthy human being, but they have changed their lifestyle to such an extent that they are prone to so many diseases. Humans are responsible for their ill health. One of the diseases is Cancer. The very name sends shudders down your spine. Though many people die due to cancer because they approach the doctors at an advanced stage, today medical field has advanced so much with innumerable ways to treat the cancer, Survivors are countless. 

It is predicted that the number of cancer survivors will double by 2050 due to improvement in diagnostic accuracy and effective treatment methods. National Cancer Day is celebrated on 5th June this year. Campaigns are conducted to show that our actions have an impact on everyone around us, within our neighborhoods, communities and cities. 

Today the Survivors fearlessly and proudly lift up their heads and declare—Yes, I Am A Survivor. To mention a few of the survivors thoughts


International Cricketer—He proudly says the word cancer itself was frightening earlier, but not anymore, it can be prevented, diagnosed and treated. When he was diagnosed with cancer he was full of emotional feelings, but his self confidence, self-belief helped him to fight and come out successful from the dreadful disease. Today his NGO helps to spread the message to fight cancer and to save as many lives as possible. He is also grateful to his doctor and his team.


Bollywood Actress—With confidence she declares that cancer was once taken as an unconquerable disease, but today millions of cancer patients have conquered the disease and are leading a normal life. When she was diagnosed with cancer she was shattered and devastated, but she says she fought with the disease with a positive attitude, took care of her nutrition and above all followed the doctor’s advice very diligently.


From Riyadh, was leading a happy carefree life until she was diagnosed with the dreadful disease of cancer. Her entire world of happiness was broken by that single word ‘Cancer.’ She travelled back to India and was referred to Apollo Hospital, the only hospital then in 2008 with advanced medical technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. She had to undergo a number of tests and three cycles of Chemotherapy. Her family stood by her, but proudly says the greatest assurance came from her team of doctors. Today she is a cancer survivor and sees the world with her eyes open and appreciates everything around as never before.


A daughter of a farmer, who was a very simple life with her parents. Akshita, was a very active, energetic girl, working a lot and helping her parents, never ever imagined that cancer would strike her. Then she started having pain in her legs, many pain killers were given but of no use. When she was referred to me, after a few tests diagnosed it as cancer, she felt it was the worst day in her life. More than the disease they were frightened of the hospital bill, then our Foundation could help her for which she is indebted to us even to this day. Though the treatment was difficult, her family stood by her and today she is healthy and can hardly believe that she was ever attacked with cancer.


In March 2001, without any symptoms his left eye turned red. After a while he noticed a tumor on his left eyelid. Though he had used eye drops under the guidance of a doctor nothing changed. Then he visited L. V. Prasad Eye Hospital in 2003 and was treated. For some time it appeared to be cured, but in 2007 the redness in the eye returned. It was then that he was sent to me at Apollo. The whole procedure of treatment was explained in detail to him and his family. My team and I explained to Rajan about the Rapid Arc technique, a highly precise technique that would attack only malignant cells without harming the healthy cells. After six weeks of treatment his body is cancer-free. He sincerely thanked all of us for giving him his life back.

NATIONAL CANCER SURVIVORS DAY is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in the month of June. Every country people gather to honor cancer survivors and to show to the world that life after the treatment is fruitful and rewarding. This annual celebration of life gives hope to those who are recently diagnosed with cancer and that they too can survive with a positive attitude and approach. On this day the medical team and different NGOs and organizations encourage people to donate in honor of a loved one. It is a day even for those who are healthy to learn more about cancer, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

Anyone can host the National Cancer Survivors Day (NCSD).          

  1. They should celebrate on the first Sunday in June;
  2. The foundation should provide free guidance, education to improve the quality of life of the survivors and raise awareness of the newly challenges they could face and to overcome them;
  3. The foundation defines a survivor as anyone living with a history of cancer and has won the battle.

On a personal note, I would personally like to thank all the 108 survivors who spoke about their life as a cancer patient, the ordeal they have gone through and the way they have thanked my team for all the support and treatment they have received.

A word of thanks to DR. P. Shashikala Reddy, my better half who has also penned her side of feelings and who  has seen and continues to see me through the days of treatment and for her sincere support. I thank her for recognizing the bond I share with my patients and that she is immensely happy the love their share, the hope they have, their feelings of pride when they survive the devastating disease.

I being a doctor always dreamt of starting my own foundation for the lesser fortunate section of our society. With the support of my loving family I was fortunate to start my centre—CURE FOUNDATION- it is a spirited initiative to create consciousness on cancer prevention, early detection and rehabilitation especially for the needy. I can proudly say that Cure Foundation is a non-profit organization, as so far my foundation has made quality cancer treatment, both free and to the needy patients to more than 1300 of them. So make a difference not by just making a donation, but make a difference by becoming a volunteer to serve the society. Together we can fight the war against cancer and win.

Thank you.


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