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Radiation Therapy To Head & Neck Tumors

Please follow these simple instructions during the course of the therapy. Please show this to your referring or family doctor for their information and guidance.

Practical Hints Regarding Fever & Infection

1. Preserve marks on skin when made. Normally a customisedmould will be made to facilitate treatment positioning.

2. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

3. Gently sponge the area with lukewarm water. Dab dry gently.

4. Use body talcum powder only in treatment area.

5. No medication, oils, deodorants, or cosmetics to be applied in treated area. Avoid scratching or rubbing of the area. Do not apply hot water bottles or ice bags. Using electric shaver is recommended.

6. Do not use adhesive tape for dressing. Only use of transpore or micropore is suggested.

7. Wear loose, cotton clothings.

8. The doctor will prescribe ointments or GV paint if needed, for peeling of skin.

Mouth Care
1. Good dental hygiene to be maintained. Use a soft toothbrush.

2. Carious, loose teeth must be extracted before Radiotherapy.

3. Regular application of Fluoride Gel for 3 months.

4. Do not extract any teeth for 1 – 2 years after therapy.

5. Frequent mouth washes using antiseptic rinses.

6. Salt and Soda-Bicarb gargles (1 pinch each in 1/2 glass water) every 2 hrs are helpful.

7. Avoid spicy, hot, rough, fried or citric foods.

8. Liquids to wash down food during meals.

9. Blenderized or soft diet with plenty of gravy.

10. Eat small, frequent meals.

11. Avoid alcohol, smoking and pan/ tobacco chewing.

12. Sips of water every few minutes to moisten mouth throughout the day.

13. Check with doctor for further medications.

14. If using dentures, keep then clean by soaking / brushing everyday.

15. Can chew sugar-free gum to keep mouth moist.

16. Exercise your jaw muscles.

Expected Side Effects

1. Skin changes of dryness, redness and peeling may occur after 2-3 weeks.

2. Dryness of mouth with sticky saliva.

3. Bad taste and smell in mouth.

4. Loss of taste.

5. Soreness in oral cavity after 2nd week.

6. Difficulty in eating, drinking and swallowing after 3rd week.

7. Temporary loss of hair in treated area after 2-3 weeks.

8. Radiation reactions aggravated when given along with Chemotherapy.

9. The side effects will be minimized if you follow the instructions carefully.

Dos And Don’ts During Radiotherapy

1. Do not get exposed to Sunlight for a long time.

2. Do not rub or scratch on skin marks site.

3. Do not apply any ointment, cream, soap, oil on radiation site.

4. Do not wash the radiation site too often.

5. Do not apply any adhesive tape on that area.

6. Do not shave on the radiation site, can use trimmer.

7. Do not move on the treatment table, while taking treatment.

8. Avoid spicy fried food.

9. Avoid very hot or very cold foods or drinks.

10. On account of any new complaints kindly contact the Doctor.