“ A patient’s devotion and care bring comfort and hope.”

 I am Dr. P. Vijay Anand Reddy, world renowned Oncologist by God’s grace, Director And Senior Consultant, Apollo Cancer Institute, Hyd Chair, ARO1 (Association of Radiation oncologists of India) was born with the ability to change others lives. Being a doctor is amongst the noblest of all professions. No matter what the circumstances were I had taken an oath to save lives. The patient’s faith has natured me at every milestone in my life. I have first learnt and then applied the science of Oncology towards serving everyone who needed it.

I have always felt that every human being- healthy or a patient should live a powerful life. They should be aware of the disease, have faith in the medical fraternity and hopeful that they can be treated if affected with the dreadful disease like cancer. With this thought and to give a thorough insight to the patients who are suffering with cancer and to give a first- hand knowledge about the life after treatment I have written this book-‘I Am A Survivor,’ where survivors shared the most wearisome experience of their lives.My main aim was that more people should benefit by reading and learning to face cancer with a positive mindset and that cancer is curable.

The book that shares the opinion of 108 survivors is only a drop in the ocean, there many more survivors who wish to express their opinion and the faith that they have in me and my team’s dedication and that the world has become a better and healthier place to live in as we have brought joy of health and goodness in their lives.


AJANTA SIRCAR, 47 years, a survivor gives her opinion. As a professor of English at Vellore was leading a quite, academic life among green trees and was very healthy. Her entire world of serenity shattered when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and then started her ordeal. Dozens of doctor’s appointments running helter-skelter then she was recommended to me. In her words,” Dr. Reddy’s kindness and encouragement touched me.  Though I went to other doctors, Dr Reddy’s kind face with an encouraging smile had given me the hope to  take the best decision of my life to go back to him for treatment. He spent his valuable time to answer all my questions and assured that I would be all right. I agree that I was not the best of patients and naturally never trusted anyone when it concerned life and death. Dr. Reddy was always kind and compassionate, never gave a false hope and was always firm and kept reminding me that I should be strong and fight. My journey throughout the treatment was an extraordinary one. Today I am a survivor from the dreadful disease of cancer..

ANIL PRASAD K.– ‘A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.’” When I was referred to Apollo Cancer Hospital, everyone at my home was silent and the atmosphere was gloomy and miserable when I was diagnosed with Glimoa, Brain Cancer. Though I assured that everything would be fine, secretly i was devastated until I met Dr. Reddy. Dr. Reddy made me feel better during the first appointment itself. What gave me more hope was the poster in Dr. Reddy’s waiting room,’ I came with little hope but walked away believing in miracles.’ Dr. Reddy’s positive spirit and his kind personality made doctor more a friend than a treating doctor. I went through a number of radiation therapies and cycles of oral chemotherapy. In the course of the treatment for work I had to travel to the US, but doctor assured my family that everything would be all right. The unique combination of friendliness and efficiency in Dr, Reddy’s personality today I am back to normal. My whole family is very happy.  I am as  fit as a fiddle and a survivor of cancer.”

APPALA CHARI S.T.V.: “ I am 86 years, diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma of the Spleen. I am very happy to have been told by Dr. Reddy who patiently explained that surgery alone cannot eradicate cancer completely in cases of Lymphoma and that Chemotherapy was a systemic cure that would attack the remaining cancer cells in my body. During the treatment, I suffered many side effects like lost all the hair on my body, including my eyelashes and eyebrows. Whenever I looked at myself into the mirror I would weep with frustration at the stranger staring back at me. But Dr. Reddy’s assurance that it was normal and would be all right gave me the courage. Once all the treatments and regular checkups were done today I am a normal person, back to my routine preparing a Telugu-to- Urdu dictionary, which I thought was impossible three years ago.  I am highly indebted Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy and his team of doctors at Apollo Hospital and I must say that Dr. Reddy is a great man. I pray to God to give Dr. Reddy the strength and good health he needs to continue his great service to mankind.”

A few opinions have been shared here. The book assures cancer patients that visiting a doctor at the earliest when in doubt regarding health, having faith, meticulously following the treatment and checkups after that and the will to fight the cancer like a soldier is a must.


Dr. V.Shanta, Magsaysay,  Padma Shri,  Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan Awardee and Chaiman , Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai praises the book ,’ I Am A Survivor,’ and advises people to read the book to spread the message about prevention and early detection of cancer. She also adds that the book is invaluable to patients who are grappling to solve the mystery of cancer and its treatment.

Ms.Sangita Reddy, Executive Director, Apollo Hospitals Group shares her opinion that the fight against cancer begins in the mind. All the 108 stories written in the book are an inspiration of the most powerful kind. All the cancer survivors, their families and their doctors assure that one must battle to conquer cancer and have the courage to stare it down. Congratulating me she says that  I have been a tireless crusader against cancer. The book she says will be a beacon of hope to many in the dark days of their illness. 

Celebrities and survivors of cancer like Yuvraj Singh, International Cricketer, Manisha koirala, Actress, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador and Social Activist and Gautami Tadimalla, Indian film actress share their opinions about the book that it would definitely make a difference in many lives and have a word of praise and thank my initiative to pen the book and for spreading cancer awareness through the book.


Sir William Osler, rightly says,” Let me Congratulate you on the choice of calling which offers you the choice of intellectual and moral interests found in no other profession.”

The book ‘I Am A Survivor,’ is available at Amazon, Kindle, Kobo Reads. 


Amazon reads : 4.5 starrings.

Good reads: 3.5 starring.