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What is Eye Cancer? Symptoms, Risk Factors & Treatments

Eye cancer is a rare condition whereby there is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in or around the eye leading to malignancies that can affect different parts of the eye such as the retina, uvea, orbit, and others. Eye cancer comes in various types like melanomas, lymphomas, and retinoblastomas which are all characterized by distinct […]

Preventive Measures and Early Detection of Eye Cancer

Eye cancer, although relatively rare, can have serious implications if not detected and treated early. In India, where healthcare access and awareness are steadily improving, the emphasis on the early detection and prevention of eye cancer is more critical than ever. The advancements in Eye Cancer Treatment in India have been significant, but as with […]

Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Eye Cancer

Eye cancer, though relatively rare, poses significant challenges in treatment. Radiation therapy has emerged as a pivotal modality in managing this condition, offering hope and improved outcomes for patients. In India, advancements in radiation therapy from the Best Oncologist in Hyderabad have greatly enhanced the precision and effectiveness of eye cancer treatment. Understanding Radiation Therapy […]