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Honoured Cancer Survivors at Apollo Cancer Centre Hyderabad

Hyderabad, June 1, 2024 – In commemoration of Cancer Survivors Day, Apollo Cancer Centre Hyderabad, in collaboration with CURE Foundation India Honoured Cancer Survivors and hosted a remarkable event from 11 AM to 1 PM. The program brought together cancer survivors, patients currently undergoing treatment, and their dedicated caretakers in a heartfelt celebration of courage and hope. The […]

How does Cancer impact Physical and Emotional Health?

Cancer is a term covering several diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth that is not controlled by the body in any way; it has a considerable impact on the physical health and psychological well-being of those involved. The road from diagnosis to treatment and beyond can be tough. It may require the help and expertise […]

 The Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Cancer Risk and Management

The nexus between lifestyle factors and cancer risk has been a subject of extensive research, underscoring the significant impact that daily habits and choices have on the likelihood of developing cancer. In Hyderabad, where the quest for optimal health is increasingly prioritized, the best oncologists and cancer specialists emphasize the importance of lifestyle modifications not […]

The Future of Cancer Treatment: Innovations on the Horizon

The landscape of cancer treatment is undergoing a rapid and revolutionary change. As we look to the future, a host of promising innovations are on the horizon, many of which are being pioneered by the Best Cancer Specialist in Hyderabad. These advances not only aim to improve the efficacy of treatments but also focus on […]

Symptoms of Cancer: 10 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Understanding Key Cancer Warning Signs: A Comprehensive Overview Cancer, a complex and multifaceted disease, presents various signs and symptoms, often overlooked or misunderstood. Our aim is to deliver an in-depth understanding of these indicators, empowering individuals with knowledge for early detection and prompt medical consultation. Recognizing the Symptoms of Cancer 1. Unusual Lumps or Masses […]