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Brain Cancer

Brain Tumor

Brain tumors, which are formed by abnormal cell growths in the brain, can be either primary, originating directly in the brain, or secondary, resulting from cancer spreading from other body parts to the brain. These tumors may be benign, which are non-cancerous and localized, or malignant, which are cancerous and can damage nearby tissues and spread.

In the realm of Brain Tumor Treatment in Hyderabad, Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy stands as a prominent expert. He has received specialized training from Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst in Germany, institutions known for their excellence in cancer treatment. Dr. Reddy’s extensive experience encompasses planning and delivering sophisticated radiation treatments for various brain tumors. He is particularly renowned for his expertise in treating Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), the most common and aggressive form of primary brain tumors, distinguishing him in the field of Brain Tumor Treatment in Hyderabad.

A key component of Brain Tumor Treatment in Hyderabad is Stereotactic Radiotherapy, a highly precise and effective technique that Dr. Reddy employs to minimize damage to surrounding brain tissue. This advanced treatment, not widely available due to its requirement for special equipment and expertise, is a specialty of Dr. Reddy. He has used it to treat a range of conditions, including Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), Acoustic Neuromas, and Brain Metastasis, with a high degree of success.

Having treated over 500 patients in the Brain Tumor Treatment in Hyderabad, Dr. Reddy is acclaimed for his impressive success rates. He is a respected speaker at major medical conferences and a prolific author, contributing to numerous scientific journals on the topic of brain tumors.

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