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Head & Neck Cancer

Head & Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad encompasses a broad spectrum of malignancies, including those affecting the tongue, lips, and cheeks (buccal mucosa). These cancers typically develop in the inner mouth lining, particularly around the regions that come into contact with teeth. Additionally, this category includes throat, tonsil, voice box, sinus, nasal cavity, and salivary gland cancers. While less common, Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad also addresses Floor of Mouth cancer, nasopharyngeal, hypopharyngeal, and postcricoid cancers. It’s important to note that brain tumors, although significant, are not classified under Head & Neck cancers.

A prominent figure in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad is Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy. With a profound interest in this field since his early medical career, Dr. Reddy has enhanced his expertise with advanced training at prestigious institutions like the Tata Memorial Hospital and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Dr. Reddy’s dual proficiency in chemotherapy and radiation therapy sets him apart in the field of Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad, allowing him to administer comprehensive treatment plans. His in-depth understanding of the interplay between drug and radiation therapies results in an impressive remission rate of 80% to 85% among his patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Reddy’s expertise in Brachytherapy, a specialized internal radiation treatment, significantly contributes to his success in the arena of Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad. His exceptional skill in this technique is a valuable asset in treating various Head & Neck cancers. Dr. Reddy’s contributions to the field are not only limited to patient care but also extend to academic circles, where he is a regular invitee at major conferences and a contributor to esteemed scientific journals, sharing his knowledge on Head & Neck cancers.

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