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Eye Hemangioma Treatment

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HomeKnow about CancerEye Hemangioma

Hemangioma of the Eye

Sight:- Eyelid, Conjunctiva, Orbit
Types of Eye Hemangioma:-
  • 1. Capillary hemangioma: A capillary hemangioma occurs in the outer layers of the skin. It is often called a “strawberry birthmark.”
  • 2. Cavernous hemangioma: A cavernous hemangioma occurs in the deeper layers of the skin or around the eye.
Sex Prediction:- Male / Female
Age:- Found more in Children.
Risk Factors from Eye Hemangioma:

Hemangiomas are usually diagnosed in Caucasian babies. Female babies are three times more likely to develop hemangiomas as compared to male babies. Premature babies are also at higher risk for hemangiomas.

Diagnosis of Eye Hemangioma:-

An ophthalmologist can diagnose it based on its appearance. Additional testing may not be necessary.

Not all hemangiomas are in need of treatment, but hemangiomas near the eye must be observed to prevent any kind of vision problems.

Treatment of Eye Hemangioma:-

Steroid Medication for Hemangioma:- Steroid medications can be used to treat hemangiomas since they cause the shrinking of the hemangioma blood vessels. The steroids can be administrated by mouth, injected into the tumor or applied to its surface.

Propranolol for Hemangioma:-Propranolol is a type of medication that leads to relatively less side effects as compared to steroids. It can be taken by mouth or can be applied to its surface.

Laser Treatment for Hemangioma:-A laser treatment is used on surface hemangiomas to prevent growth, reduce their size or alleviate their color. Surgery for Hemangiomas is generally restricted to small, well-defined Hemangiomas under the surface of the skin.

Eye Hemangioma Treatment in India
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